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About the Insight Network

Don Belton describes the origins of the Insight Network:
"The idea for our program grew out a combination of my parents' needs when we moved them to an apartment and my experience with home-based psychotherapy. While my mother had excellent supplemental insurance she needed a medical van service to get to the clinic if we were unable to drive her at the necessary time. This was $70 out-of-pocket for a short trip. We also knew a home-bound neighbor with mental health issues who dropped out of therapy because she couldn't afford the cost of transportation. We developed this program to bring out-patient services to persons in private homes and in assisted living facilities and to coordinate these services with other service providers including primary care physicians and psychiatrists."
The Insight Network is not strictly limited to older adults. We can serve any age client who prefers to receive service in the privacy of their own home.
You are eligible for services if you have difficulty getting to a clinic or uncomfortable in a clinic setting or just prefer to receive services in your home. A doctor's order is not necessary to receive services.
We provide services in:
Neutral community settings
Nursing homes
Assisted living
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